Long Walks

Now that I am clear for activity, it is time for me to work on this belly. Let's face it. I hate exercise, but my belly is not going away on its own.

I was so, so careful about gaining weight during my pregnancy. Until the last month, I had gained 15 pounds, which on the chart was just where I needed to be. Then that last month, I gained an additional 20. In one month. Darn that pre-eclampsia.

I have actually lost all the weight as far as numbers go. But, my post-pregnancy body is different from my pre-pregnancy body. For the first time in my life, I have a belly overhang. And it's got to go.

I am still tired and sore from the c-section. This means I have to start small - walking it is.

So, my driveway is the perfect place for a walk. Okay, maybe not perfect, but it is a place.

Cedar was ecstatic. (Even though Cedar is pretty much always ecstatic.) I put the leash on him and off we went.

I discovered something about myself today. I am the. slowest. walker. ever. Not only
that, but I had to stop about every hundred feet. Walking is exhausting. I made it down the hill (which is about 1.5 tenths of a mile). I was feeling pretty good about myself, when I turned around to walk back (see photo). As you may know, walking down a hill is much, much easier than walking back up it.

Taking Cedar was a genius idea. He may yank my arm out of socket several times during our little trip, but he did a great job of pulling me back home!

It is going to be a tough feat to do this every day.