9 Months

My Little Butterfly turned 9 months old today!


Molly Goes to The Vet

Today I took Molly to my brother-in-law, The Vet to have a mysterious Thing removed from her tail.

Don't worry, I don't intend to gross you out with descriptions or photographs.

I held her while he numbed her tail and began to work. However, her constant squirming was more than I could handle. So, he called over one of his college interns.

"Hey Amber, I need an extra pair of hands over here. Be careful, now, she has bitten off the fingers of two people already."

She looked alarmed, but bravely helped me hold my dog.

Here is a photo of the ferociousness, taken after we got home:

We believe the mysterious Thing was a cyst. She now sits at my feet, milking her injury (stitch included) for all its worth.