About Me

I'm A, a web designer/developer/project manager living in an quaint small town in the eastern United States. In 2000, I married my college sweetheart, J. Now we live in a lovely home that we built in 2007 with our two incredible Shih Tzu dogs named Max & Molly, and a fun-loving outside dog named Cedar.

On January 30, 2009, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Grace, at 31 weeks.

This blog is about my life, and the all the "drama" that a semi-normal (yet quirky) individual faces on a regular basis.

I am choosing to remain semi-anonymous to protect my family, friends and my general standing in society from the things that I might confess here. This blog is a catharsis for me, and I want to keep it as honest as possible without having to worry about offending the people I love. So, if I do not mention my real name or their real names in this blog, maybe they will not find it!

The photo on the left is of me on my wedding day. I did not actually get married at Taj Mahal, nor have I ever been there. In fact, this is probably as close as I will ever get. This is just one of the digital art pieces from my "A Gets Married All Over the World" collection. The collection also includes France, Italy, Egypt, China and a host of other locations.

In my spare time, I love music, digital photography, reading, miscellaneous craft projects, studying wildlife and spending time with my dogs. I also have a secret soap opera addiction to General Hospital.