I Sorry, I Sorry

I've learned recently that I have to be really careful what I say.  G repeats everything!

While we were at the beach a couple weeks ago, I noticed that G started saying "I sorry" when she got hurt.  She would bang her head on the table. "I sorry."  She would trip over one of her toys.  "I sorry."

Apparently, she picked up on the fact that whenever she gets a bump or bruise and comes over to me, I will inspect the injury and say "Oh, I'm sorry you got hurt."  Or something to that effect.

G has eczema between her toes.  That area of her foot bothers her - especially when I have to put the cream on it.  As soon as she sees that cream in my hand, she starts yelling. "I sorry! I sorry!"

The other day we made quite a sight.  G was squirming.  I had to pin her down just to get the cream on her foot. As I was struggling to hold G down and she was yelling "I sorry! I sorry!" at the top of her lungs, my husband casually strolled by the room.

Just another day with an almost-nineteen-month-old diva.

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Grammy Blick said...

Tiny tape recorders -- without perceptive abilities! And, since I'm treating eczema on my hand, 'I sorry," too!