When I took the dogs out this afternoon, they took off from the porch excitedly. They love going outside because they can run. FREE AS THE WIND. (Okay, on extend-able leashes. But they do love to run outside. It's the closest thing to freedom I will allow.)

But, at the bottom of the steps they stopped.

From where I was standing, I saw Max jump about 3 feet in the air.

I ran down to see what had startled him. There, in the pebbled walkway at the bottom of our stairs was a common black snake. Apparently he/she did not appreciate being disturbed and in turn had coiled itself into attack pose.

When it saw me, it quickly retreated.

Max turned and ran back inside. So much for freedom.

Note: I did not have my camera phone on me when this happened, so I did not get to take a picture of our visitor. The photo on the left was found here in my quest to find a photo of a common black snake.


Lora said...

Eeek! I would have had a similar reaction :0)

Visiting you from SITS...have a great day!

Corrie Howe said...

Yuck. We live in a semi-rural area. We've had a few very long black snakes meet us too. So far everyone has gone to their own corners without incident.

Namine said...

too funny. Poor puppy!