More Fun With Nature

A while back, I began trying to walk each day for exercise. After several weeks of vigilant determination, continuous encounters with nature (e.g. deer flies - which are just MEAN) forced my exercise plan to a halt.

Since I have lived in the woods, I have been attacked by dreaded deer flies, fire ants, mosquitoes, horse flies, gnats, ticks, ladybugs (bet you didn't realize that they are MEAN too), wasps, yellow jackets and Japanese beetles. Until today, these attacks have all been by insects that I don't really like anyway.

The deer flies seem to have dispersed for the season, so I decided that it was safe to walk outdoors again. So, J & I packed up Grace and went for a walk.

On the way back in the door, I stopped to water all of my plants. Suddenly I heard something that sounded like a jet heading straight for my head.

Of course, I jumped.

I turned my head to see a hummingbird. Yes, that's right folks, a hummingbird. Headed STRAIGHT for my HEAD.

Wonders never cease.

Now, unlike the aforementioned insects, I do not believe that Mr. Hummingbird had evil intentions. I was simply in his way. But, WOW did that make noise!

Nature. Sigh.


Lora said...

Lol. I have the creatures that decide to make my house their home. Uh, no thanks lizard. Go away cricket...

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Grammy Blick said...

Hummers are my favorites. By this time, they should be headed across the Gulf of Mexico to winter in South America. There's a festival near Corpus Christi Texas where they'll flock before heading out. Feeding them is easy -- four cups sugar to one cup water. Dilute and the birds eat more often. They will eat more than their weight in one hour. These are amazing little creatures, highly territorial and dislike sharing! Glad you got to meet one face to face!

Stephanie said...

That is funny. I'm sorry for your attacks-of-nature! I hope you get to get some fresh air again (safely) soon. :-)

Stopping by from SITS. Have a great day!


Cynthia at A Shimmy in My Spirit said...

Stopping by from SITS. How can I resist a blog name like lemonologie. I love it. So many mean insects...who knew? That's why I get my exercise dancing around my kitchen!