Driving Late at Night Through the Woods in the Pouring Rain with Two Dogs

Due to potential flooding in my area and our driveway's affinity for flooding, we decided to not take any risks of being stranded and spend the remainder of the night at the MiL's.

My job was to pack up all our stuff, grab the dogs and meet J and Grace over there.

Molly will ONLY ride on my lap in the car. If I'm driving, she doesn't care. I can put her in the backseat and POOF...next thing I know she is in my lap.

Max is a much more easy-going rider. He likes to chill in the seat, watching outside the window. Or at least I thought so. Apparently the darkness changes his disposition.

Back to last night.

I put the dogs in the car and as I was lowering myself into the driver's seat, Molly was already in my lap.

We began to creep along down the driveway. Suddenly, a rabbit crossed in front of us. In that EXACT moment, Max jumped into my lap.

Let me take a second to fully describe this picture. Max & Molly are small dogs, but BOTH dogs in my lap is a bit crowded. When you consider that there is a steering wheel involved, well, we are not talking about a lot of free space. Okay.

So when Max jumped on my lap, he ran into the steering wheel. And the horn.

To an outsider looking at the situation, my dog beeped the horn at the rabbit who dared to jump out in front of our car as we were driving late at night through the woods in the rain. Genius. I may enroll him in driver's ed today.


Grammy Blick said...

The picture you painted is hilarious! May the sun shine on you and your family.

Amber Page Writes said...

Ha! I can only imagine. Dogs and cars are an interesting mix, aren't they?

Angelia Sims said...

Little bit of doggie road rage? Ha! How cute! That just makes me laugh. I love animal stories.

Stopping by from SITS, have a great day!

Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

Lols - just picturing this had me cracking up!

Ellen said...

Ha! What a great convergence!