On Saturday, our dear friends (Hi Kim!) came up for my jewelry party. Kim has two beautiful children and Grace was thrilled to watch them play! Logan pushed her in her jeep - which means he has a friend for life.

For Halloween, I crocheted Grace a couple of amigurumi pumpkins which she tosses everywhere. Kim mentioned to me at some point during the day Saturday that a pumpkin was missing. I knew it would turn up, so I did not even give it a second thought.

This morning, I found it...

Right in the pantry, with the fruits and vegetables, where a pumpkin belongs!


Grammy Blick said...

Good looking pantry! Glad to know you didn't get washed away. Have a great Thanksgiving. God bless and keep you.

Kim Shoaf said...

Well, isn't that the oddest and most appropriate place Logan could've put it! :D