So Where Am I, Anyway?

Though you might find me on Twitter (thanks to Twitterberry on my phone), I have not had the chance to be online a lot in the last month. It's because for the last month, I have been working on a project that involves me commuting one hour (per direction) each day. While I am so unbelievably grateful for the work, being gone all day and then coming home to an energetic almost-one-year-old is physically (and sometimes emotionally) exhausting.

Since my daughter is PRIORITY ONE, I just cannot seem to find the time to get online. As soon as Grace sees me head towards the computer, she crawls directly to the dogs' water bowls and starts sticking her hand in. All the while, she watches me with a big grin on her face.

The decision to take this job was a hard one. I would love more than anything to be able to afford to stay at home with my daughter. But, that is just not financially possible for us. I have to work.

With the economy the way that it is, project management work is hard to come by. So, I had to take a major, major pay cut. But, on the bright side, the work I am doing now stays at WORK. By the time I get in the car, I have left work completely behind.

Because of the commute, it was a hard decision. I have to be an hour away from Grace. I miss her so much while I'm gone that it's unbearable at times. I got some grief from others (thanks Mom) to reinforce my depression.

The bottom line was that I HAD to work and there were NO jobs in my area unless I took something for minimum wage WAY outside my chosen field. Since those pesky lenders require us to pay a mortgage and all, I'm completely stuck.

So, I hope you'll bear with me through this stage! I'll check in when I can.


Grammy Blick said...

Been there, done that -- 45 miles each way. Not easy, and priorities are set and followed. We may miss your posts, but Grace will grow through the time you spend with her. She comes before any internet time.

Don't pack any guilt-trip bags. They weigh you down and you need to soar.

erica said...

Sounds just like me. I hate to work, and I want so much to stay at home with my baby girl, but these are tough times, and we need both incomes.

Mariah said...

You are not alone girl! I'm an ex-SAHM who is now Working. Hate it, but until we settle into our new location, that's where I'll be. It's hard. But stay strong, you are making it happen, good for you! I'm cheering for you:) Glad you were in front of me at SITS today:)