Crashing Disney Princesses

For Christmas, my parents gave Grace this ride-on toy, complete with lots of bells and whistles (and dancing Disney Princesses):

For Grace's age, the back can convert to a "handle" that goes all the way around and sticks straight out the back for ease-of-pushing. Genius.

Grace loves this thing. She's in a clingy stage now and this is perfect for that. I can push her all around the house so that she is right with me wherever I go.

Yesterday we discovered it has a downfall.

J & I had been taking turns pushing her around. While she was stopped, she started trying to crawl over the handlebar to get out and it turned over on her. She was right behind J, but he could not catch her.

She fell face-first on our hardwood floor.

I cannot even describe for you the tears (mine and hers) and the screaming (hers) that followed.

She now has a "goose egg" right in the center of her forehead.

Five minutes later, she crawled right back to it for another round. I, however, have not recovered yet.


Working Mommy said...

She got up...that is all that matters! Kids are resilient!


Heather @ Sugar N Spice Mostly Nice said...

I was just like that when our oldest was little. After 3 very rough and tumble little boys, I only freak out now when blood is involved. I learned very quickly blowing kisses quickly quiets the tears of both Mom and Baby.

Our youngest got 3 ride-on/walkers for Christmas too and he went head first over his too...hmmmm...maybe they need a better design!

Anonymous said...

Eep! How old is Grace? I was considering a ride on for Sophie around Easter. She'll be just over 9mos. Maybe I'll reconsider...

Sara said...

I hear children are made of rubber, so I'm glad to hear it's the same for her!