The MiL and the Noodles

Today the MiL took Grace shopping with her to the nearest city with a mall.

The MiL bought all her Christmas gifts for this year last year right after Christmas. She spent the whole year bragging about how her shopping was already done. So, now that crunch time quickly approaches, she realized that about 5 of her gifts were missing.

"Hahaha!" I say to her quietly, under my breath. "Serves you right for bragging about it."

So anyway, she decided to go replace the missing gifts today. My sister-in-law and one of her sons went with her and they made a day of it.

When lunch approached, they decided to stop and eat at a pizza buffet. She realized that she had left Grace's solid food at home. So, instead of just giving her formula, she grabbed some noodles off the bar and gave them to her.

Grace ate noodles and loved them.

"So, what's the big deal?", you may ask. She's old enough and she enjoyed them, right?
The big deal is that I was not there. I send Grace's food with her every day. I control her diet. I have never given permission for any "grown-up" food. And most importantly - Grace had never had anything like that before and I, who carried her in my womb, come running when she cries, rock her to sleep every night, take care of her every need and love her with my complete heart, deserved to be the one to feed her something so wonderful for the first time.

I'm heartbroken. Over noodles.


Mimi and Tilly said...

I can understand your sadness at not being the one to share that with her. :(

Thank you for leaving lovely comments at my blog, and for choosing to follow my creative journey. I know there are lots of blogs out there to choose to follow and I appreciate the support on my journey!

mellisarock said...

Oh I completely understand where you are coming from!! I would be sad over noodles too!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

I totally understand your heartache. But sometimes you have to give up a bit of control and just go with the flow. If it were between letting my baby go hungry or letting or eat noodles with my MIL, I'd settle for the noodles (not to mention be grateful that my MIL didn't give her something like a cut up hotdog...)

Working Mommy said...

Oh wow...I have to say that I am definitely with you on that one. Your darn MIL isn't the only one, though, so don't worry. Surely one day soon I will have a story like this to tell - of motherhood epic proportions - of heart break and tragedy - over some sort of delishiousness...you are not alone momma!


lemonologie said...

Thanks for all of your comments. I didn't mention in the post that she gave her the noodles instead of giving her the regular formula. I went back and put that in there :-)

Sam said...

You're making me cry. DARN!!!!!!!! SO beautiful.. i love it.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh. I am sorry you were sad. You know, I would share a teensy piece of advice and I hope it won't make you hate me. I had to learn this myself! It is so important for us Moms to remember the absolute and TOTAL delight Grandmothers get from children. I mean, those silly noodles probably meant the world to your Mother in law. Your darling baby is never even going to remember those noodles. I bet your Mother in law will always treasure that memory : ).
Don't hate me. Cause I think you are a super Mommy with the cutest little baby in America and a delicious blog name : )

Jenn Erickson said...

Sorry to hear that the MiL strikes again. I suppose it could have been worse though. She could have taken her for her first visit to sit on Santa's lap, gotten her ears pierced, or taken her for a haircut, right? All joking aside, you are justified in feeling upset. I hope that your MiL will honor your perameters from now on.

erica said...

I was heart broken over PUFFS!

I call her day care provider..
Me: How is she doing?
DC: Great, she is just chilling, eating puffs.
Me: Wha???? I never gave her puffs!
DC: Oh, I hope it is okay???
Me: Uh-huh :(