Finding Boots

I have a problem. I love boots. Boots do not love me. In fact, they hate my guts.

I was born with an assortment of bone spurs. My entire life, I have been extremely self conscious about the appearance of my legs. I have several around my knee area. The average person probably does not even notice, but it has always been a sore point for me.

When I was in the 6th grade, a boy in my gym class and I were talking. I told him that I could not bend my leg over a certain angle. He told me that he had never noticed and that my knees looked fine - only a little knobby when you stared at them long enough. I swear I would have married him right then and there.

After many years, I have grown to accept my knees. My calves, however, are a different story. I have spurs on both legs right in the center of the calves. These suckers cannot be seen outwardly, but they are horribly problematic when zipping up boots.

I cannot zip up regular boots. They simply will not close, and since it's my bone there is no chance of smooshing.

Several years ago, I happened upon some boots in a Bass outlet store. These boots were not high heeled, but they were made of a stretchy leather material with no zippers. I had to buy a size larger than I would normally wear, but I snatched them up immediately. Oh how I loved those boots.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the boots were absolutely worn out. The ends were scuffed and the shaft had teeth marks from my dog ransacking my closet.

It took me months of searching store after store and trying on hundreds of boots before I found a replacement pair. (Wouldn't you know that Bass did not make that style anymore!) The replacement boots and I have never quite hit it off. They are wide-calf boots and they will zip up, but I do not like how they are made. The leather is so hard that the dents that boots naturally develop dig into my ankles when I walk. I've had them about two years now and the problems are getting worse instead of better.

So, I find myself in need of new, comfortable boots that I cannot afford to pay a fortune for. Because of my situation, I really need to try them on, so I am not really comfortable ordering them online.

Today was the first attempt. I tried on a few at a massive shoe warehouse during my lunch break, but left with only a heavy heart.

O Beautiful-Boots-That-I-Can-Actually-Wear, where are you?


Working Mommy said...

Hmmm...I wish I could help! I haven't really found any boots that I enjoy wearing - they all make that bump near my ankle that HURTS after walking for 2 seconds!


Angelia said...

Oh, Ouch. That doesn't sound like fun. Is there a DSW shoe store around you? Those are usually pretty stocked. (figures Bass didn't carry that style anymore!)

Tea Time Consultants said...

Boots can be a problem. I have very developed, large calves and there are only a few styles which will work for me. They do have zippers and many elastic vents at the top.

You will just have to try different styles. I also try using different dark colored tights with the same color shoes. It gives the eye a one piece effect.

Grammy Blick said...

Why must 'fashion' dictate what we wear? I, too, have found just the right fit -- in a number of clothing items. Within a season, they are gone. Why can I not be eccentric and have my wishes catered to? I have been known to buy three of something within a week after finding a perfect fit.

Unknown Mami said...

Have you tried Zappos online. They are not particularly cheap, but their customer service is superb. Shipping is free to and from so you can try the boots on and send them back for free if they do not fit and have another pair sent to you to try. The selection is huge. Give them a try.

scrappysue said...

if i couldn't wear boots, i would be sad - i feel for ya, but i'm sure your boots are out there somewhere! thanks for stoping by

Helen McGinn said...

Uggs might be your answer; my niece has similar problems but Uggs seem to fit her great. She has the soft ones which personally I'm not a fan off but she also has beautiful, soft leather ones with a heel! There are some sites that do them for a reasonable price and of course, it's sale time!

I'll ask her for any other recommendations.

All the best for Hogmanay, lass! xx

Angie Muresan said...

I love boots too! I met my husband wearing boots and a skirt while all the girls were wearing jeans. He says that's what he remembers the most about our meeting. My boots and skirt! And they say men have no idea about clothes!
Happy 2010 to you!!! May it be the best year yet.

Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

I hope you find a new pair soon - I too hate boot shopping, have given up.


Awww, that's just plain stinky! I adore boots too, but can never find the right style and when I do it fits horribly! I just finally bought a new pair recently and have to get used to them esp. since they seem to agitate my ankles a bit. I think I'm starting to wrangle them in a bit though! lol... Good luck on your boot hunt!! :)

Jenn Erickson said...

I hate shopping trips that end that way ~ It's never good when you're returning home empty handed and heavy-hearted. I, too, always struggle to find boots that will work on my legs and feel your frustration. I've had fairly good success with Nine West. Last time I was at Marshalls they had a huge selection of boots from many different designers. Maybe that would be a good route for you to try. Best of luck!

Jenilee said...

finding boots is not easy for me either! my calves are too big for most and I get discouraged shopping for them! hope you find some!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm not good with high boots, either - I just have big calves compared to my extremely tiny feet. So I just stick to ankle boots... but I hope you find some!

Sara said...

Now, I have a similar problem in that I can't zip up boots over my calves, but it's for a completely different reason.

My calves are just straight up thick. And not in the athletic way where it looks like my fibula swallowed a grapefruit. Just thick.

I found some super cute flat boots (though I tend to fancy the heels) on overstock.com. That may not be helpful but just know that they exist!