The MiL & All the Sickness

The MiL also keeps two of our preschool age nephews along with Grace. They love her, so normally it is not a problem.



My husband ate lunch at the MiL's house while I had errands to run. While he was there, his sister called. She had a sick child (she has three in total) and planned to bring him by. J immediately objected. Since Grace was a preemie, we have to be extra-careful about her immune system and exposing her to sickness.

"Oh, I'll keep him away. He'll be in the other room and they will not have any contact with each other."

I would have fled with my child in tow. But J is much more vulnerable. He does not question the MiL. He let her stay.

At 4:30, when J went to pick up Grace, he found not only a sick child, but also his sister - who by now was also sick - lying around at the MiL's too!

Objection! She should have called! Two sick people in the house! We would have picked her up!

If Grace gets sick, I plan to start a war.

Am I overreacting? Honestly I don't care. I would rather err on the side of caution.

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

Are you kidding? You are not overreacting in the least. I have similar issues with my husband's family from time to time. If they could hear my thoughts, they would know that I am shouting, "where is your brain?" inside my head.

I hope Grace does not get sick.