Fun With Passports

Is it possible to get a passport in a small town? The answer is no. Don't even bother trying.

I found out that I may be asked to travel up to Canada at some point on business. Since I have never gotten a passport, I thought I should go ahead and start the process.

First of all, the passport forms that you can supposedly fill out online are a joke. Yesterday morning, I hit the link. Yesterday afternoon, it was still cranking. Give me a break. Has anyone ever done that successfully? If so, congratulations. You deserve a medal.

So today, I decide I'll just go to the post office and get the stupid application in person. I took my precious lunch hour to drive into town. I stood in line. And they do not do passports there. Here's a shocker. Their website lies.

Now after two wasted days, I still have not gotten any further into the passport process than before.

--- Update: Right after I submitted this entry, the form magically popped up and let me feel it out. Hmmm. Perhaps I should complain more. Apparently it yields results. ---

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Grammy Blick said...

It is not fair. When I got my first one the company used a service and I got it in a week -- that cost the company an additonal $150. When Beloved Husband filled out the website application, got a photo at Walmart and mailed it in -- he got it back in a week.

This year he had to renew. Same thing. Renewal off the web, photo from Walmart, personal check -- back in a week.

Surely he needs to grow through experiencing some of the difficulties we do, right?