The MiL & All the Sickness, Part 2

Although she admitted to no wrong-doing of exposing my baby to sickness, the MiL informed me earlier today that the sick people may return to the MiLHouse at 4:00PM today.

"I will pick up Grace at 3:30." I said. And that was that.

Promptly at 3:30, I put my work on "Pause" and I went over to pick up Grace.

It was then and there that I learned that the mysterious sickness is no longer a mystery. The doctor proclaimed that my sister-in-law and two of her boys have strep throat.


Imagine me, an admitted germaphobe with a 3 month old baby hearing those two words. I believe my head exploded into a gazillion pieces.


Grammy Blick said...

Please, do not give an inch on your child's health. The bottle, not so big a deal; pacifier, it's a power thing, a childish "She likes me better!" Not really worth battling over. But -- health. That's a biggie. My 40+ daughter has been susceptible to strep all of her life. Put me in touch with anyone who exposes her and I'll protect her. Put those gazillion pieces back to together and define requirements.

G said...

I have to agree with Grammy Blick above. The little things are just another way for MiL to control what she can. But as far as the sickness goes, I would HAVE to say something. Maybe you can just mention to her that "next time" the other kids are sick that you would appreciate her calling you first so YOU can decide if you want Grace to stay. Your MiL, while meaning well and trying to help out both of her children in taking care of their kids, does NOT have the authority to make those decisions for YOUR CHILD! A good friend of mine once told me this and it stuck in my head: "If YOU don't advocate for your child, WHO WILL????" Of course we weren't talking about my MiL but I still think it applies. Stay strong and don't apologize for being protective of your Grace!!!


becky @ misspriss said...

I would protest loudly. And I would really push hubby to talk to her in no uncertain terms about how risky it is for your little baby.