First Father's Day

Today marks another first for our little family - J's first Father's Day.

I woke up early, took care of the dogs, snuck to my present-hiding place and got everything ready for J to find when he got up.

A little later, J began to open the gifts. As soon as his hand touched the top of the bag, "Sssshhhrrrkkk!" His fire scanner went off. (He's a volunteer now.)

It turned out not to be a call he could take, so he began to open the bag again.

J loves clocks and watches. When we got married, I got him a watch. So, for the first Father's Day, I thought it only appropriate that I give him a watch.

Well, while this watch is beautiful and he loves it, blah, blah, blah, it does not have a stop watch on it. Apparently this is an essential feature, and I got lucky with the first one I gave him. Whatever.

J saw the look of misery and bewilderment on my face, so he immediately told me "I don't use it *all* that much." This means he's willing to make the tremendous sacrifice of living without the stop watch part in order to avoid hurting my feelings.

We will be exchanging the watch.

Before we could finish our discussion, the work pager (his regular IT consultant job) went off. 8 different times.

So, now here I am. Spending the first Father's Day alone upstairs typing into my phone. I hope that you, dear reader, have better luck.


Sharon said...

Oh Man! That's a big bummer!

I don't know why but these things seem to happen around our house a lot too. It's almost as if the "great expectations" of a special day jinx it.

I hope your hubby likes his new, new watch!

Mommy of Many said...

sorry about the father's day blues, what I do in situations like this is designate a "do over day." We had a "do over day" for one of my birthdays b/c my hubby did not buy a gift and we had a "do over day" for my father's birthday. Don't be bound by the days on the calendar.
found you through sits

Marina said...

awwwww.....atleast you tried...and that's what counts!!

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