This Twitter Thing

I am the last person I ever expected to be on twitter.

It began innocently enough. I'm a project manager in web development, and one of the websites I'm working on needed a twitter feed displayed. So, I joined. For research. I promise.

Meanwhile, I enjoy making sarcastic comments at the TV while I indulge in my secret soap opera addiction. One day, I happened to be watching - phone in hand. A thought occurred to me. Grace & my dogs are probably sick of hearing my commentary. Why not put it out there for the world?

Now, it's pretty much a mandatory thing that I have the phone around when I watch TV.

Now, I twitter when I read the news online too. I can't get enough.

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Tooj said...

I'm avoiding twitter. I can't handle another addiction. It's all I have to keep my blog up and eat chocolate each day. Seriously. Happy Friday, by the way, I'm popping over from SITS roll call.

Shannon said...

I twitter... some days I "tweet" a lot, but others I don't "tweet" at all!