The Maybe Bedding Set

After weeks of scouring through thousands of crib bedding sets, I have finally picked one. Maybe.

I have mentioned my dilemma in passing here, but to expand a little: I want a bedding set that does not completely swallow my daughter in pink.

Honestly, I had given up, and I was in the process of piecing the nursery bedding together item by item.

Then, my good (wonderful) friend told me about the website of the manufacturer of her daughter's bedset. I went to the website and low and behold:

Lilac Garden, by Kids Line

So, I do not intend to get all the pieces, mostly just the bedding. I don't want to swallow the baby in purple either!


mommaof4wife2r said...

it's sooooo fun to shop for baby stuff...ok, shop! love the lilac! i made my #4's set...it wasn't perfect, but it was what i wanted! thanks for stopping by my blog today!

roentarre said...

This shot has an interesting feel to it

Kim Shoaf said...

Hey, I think I know that girl. :D

G's room really is beautiful--especially with all the things you've made for her added to the mix.