One More Strike

I know, I know...I have really been a downer lately.

Yet another thing today to add to my current plate of worries...Our little Shih Tzu, Max, was diagnosed with IVDD. We noticed yesterday that he was acting like he did not feel very good. We thought it was something he may have eaten (little dogs and their weak stomachs). When he did not feel any better today, I took him to see my brother-in-law, The Vet.

It turned out to be a serious problem. During the explanation, I had to sit down. IVDD is a disc disease which can lead to paralysis. We have to put Max on a steroid, pain killer and stomach meds. If this medicine does not work, then he will have to have an extremely expensive surgery done by a specialist. You might imagine that with my recent job loss, hearing that was a harsh blow. I may not be able to afford the surgery that my precious little Max may have to have.

We have to monitor Max for the next six weeks and trying to prevent him from going up and down stairs, jumping, etc. We are trying to stay optimistic that the medicine will work.

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