31 Weeks, 3 Days

Dear Baby Girl,

Last night was pretty uneventful - at least for a night in the hospital. The doctor allowed me to be monitored every 3 hours instead of every 30 minutes, so I got a little rest. The nurses here have all been very nice. I have been drinking a lot of water, and I am continually asking them to get me some more. They joke with me about it. My blood pressure is still high, but it seems to have stabilized.

Your Dad came back to the hospital early this morning. I would not let him stay last night because I wanted him to rest (even though he told me today that he could not sleep with worry for you & I.), and nothing was happening. I am hoping that they will let me go home, and just be on bed rest until you make your grand entrance into the world.

We are still hoping that you will be able to wait as long as possible. I had the second steroid shot to jump start your lungs this morning.

We have had lots of visitors, phone calls and flowers. We are blessed with a supportive set of family and friends that I cannot wait for you to meet. But not yet, please!

Love forever,

Your Mom

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