The Job Offer

Just when I was beginning to think that all hope was lost in finding a job in my area of expertise, one came along. Maybe.

A couple of weeks ago, a recruiter contacted me about a position which is completely teleworking. After our phone screening, she informed me that, in her assessment, my skillset was more "Senior" than what they were looking for. Great.

Anyway, two weeks ago, she called me back. They had seen my resume and liked what they saw. They might be willing to hire me after all. So, this week I did a phone interview and today I received an offer letter.

If all goes as planned I will start on Monday by doing some traveling to attend orientation. How's that for quick turnaround?

They also know I am pregnant, and unlike the other promising leads I have had, I did not hear the "You are great, but the timing just is not going to work out for hiring" or "our project timeline just will not fit" spill. Yes, I know that companies are not supposed to do that. But, times are tough and hiring someone just to have them out on maternity leave in the middle of a project is a tough sell.

Searching for a job has become my full time job of the last month. Putting out "feelers", sending my resume, arranging and answering phone calls - all has been physically exhausting. That's my excuse for my scanty posting. One of these days I will catch back up. Hopefully.

Hope. That's something that I have been lacking these days. Even if this does not work out, at least it has given me hope.

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G said...

Congrats - hope it's going well!