The Dos And Don'ts Of Chocolate

Tonight, the women of the church had a Ladies' Night Out. The theme was all about Chocolate, one of my very favorite of the major food groups. I have been limiting my caffeine intake - which I hope my daughter appreciates - but I did allow myself to participate in the chocolate-taste-testing.

Our hostess consulted the chocolate connoisseur at the mall to put together a palette of chocolate that would fill our senses.

We began with a white chocolate. I love white chocolate. Unfortunately, the hostess bought white chocolate filled with coconut - which I do NOT like at all. So my verdict - DON'T.

Next was a milk chocolate. I also love milk chocolate. This was a definite DO.

Next was a dark chocolate, but it was a truffle, so I will forgive the darkness and go with DO again.

As we progressed down the tray of chocolate the percentage of cocoa increased in 5-10% increments. And some of it was just plain nasty. There is no other way to really describe it. One lady commented of the black-barred on the left - "It taste like bugs." Now, I have no way of knowing what bugs taste like, and I sincerely hope that I never found out. But, I am sure that she was right.

(By the way - the particular brand of chocolate shown on the left can be amazing - especially the truffles. I have wielded the black bar on this photo to protect their identity, so that you will not be prejudiced against their entire line of chocolates.)

The moral of our taste-test challenge? Well, I am not really sure that there was one. I just know that I will be sticking to the milk chocolate goodness that I know I adore.