Our Quest for a Sensible Vehicle

I drive a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It has a lift package on it, so it has become more and more difficult for me to maneuver into it as my mobility decrease. Besides, it is not the most baby-friendly vehicle. We would have to put the baby in through the back, and that just would not work.

So, now that I finally received my unemployment check and I have a job offer that I plan to accept on the table, we decided to go look at vehicles.

J and I do not go look at vehicles. We go buy vehicles. We walk into the dealership with SUCKER written right on our foreheads. Of course, this was the last day of the huge sale with huge savings. But, we were determined. We were going to find a suitable used vehicle.

Well, it turns out that the suitable used vehicles cost just as much if not more than a suitable new vehicle. At least at this dealership.

Several hours later, we walked out with our suitable new Toyota Corolla:

(This is the dealer photo, I have not broken out the camera on it yet.)

This is not our dream car by any means, and it's just baseline. We really cannot afford bells and whistles. But, it drives well and it is baby friendly. Plus, we did successfully negotiate the dealer down on the price. Plus, we got him to throw in mudflaps. Success!

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