Snow Driving

Monday it snowed. This has become an increasingly unusual event in my part of the state in the last few years.

Of course, it coincided with the day that I would start my new job. 4 1/2 hours away from home. In the mountains - where the snow is usually heavier than other areas. It did not snow while I was on the road, but it did start after I began my meetings on Monday morning.

My parents flipped. My mom left me a voice mail with the dangers of driving listed out bullet point by bullet point. She ended that recording with a lecture of how, being pregnant, I should never, ever attempt to drive on my own.

Well, sometimes driving is required, Mom.

I am not afraid of driving in the snow. In college, snow was a regular occurrence. I got used to it. I am a little afraid of other people driving in the snow, however. But, all of my driving efforts went extremely smoothly.

By the time I left for home this afternoon, the snow had stopped. Everywhere. My parents called me 4 times on the way home. At least once, I could hear my mom in the background after hearing about my progression down the road - "She's speeding!!!!!"

As I approached home, I found that our area - remember...it never snows here - got more snow than in the mountains. There was still snow on roads and on trees! And I missed it!


Grammy Blick said...

I love your Mom. She sounds like me, even the bullet point part.

Christine said...

LOL...bullet points! And no driving while pregnant! LMAO! Your mom is such a dear....I don't even know her and I love her:)

Mia Jexen said...

We shouldn't be afraid to drive in the snow, but instead, we should double our effort in driving with utmost care and alertness. But when there are times that the weather is unmanageable, it is better if you stay at home and wait for it to subside.