C'Mon Ruby

This is Ruby - my 2003 Jeep Rubicon.

We generally have a good relationship. She gets me where I need to go (even over dirt!), and I pay for her expensive gas guzzling habit.

But sometimes, we fight. Like yesterday.

On my way home from work, I was manuevering through road construction when all of a sudden, Ruby started shaking like CRAZY. I could not even get my arm through the steering wheel to turn on the emergency lights. I almost completely lost control of the vehicle.

I started to pull off the road, but as suddenly as it started, the violent shaking stopped.

Shaken (literally and emotionally), I pulled myself together enough to make it home.

So today, Ruby's going to the shop. J dropped her off at a place near his work. He won't let me drive it again until we figure out what is going on, so I had to drive his truck.

Driving a big truck (extended cab F150, in case you were curious) after being used to driving a jeep = no fun parking. I make sure no one is looking before I attempt to pull into a space.

Anyway, I cannot focus today because I am anxious to know what is going on with Ruby.

I just gave her a bath; what more could she want!?!

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