Oh, Baby!

This weekend my family threw a baby shower for my cousin Carrie. We are all very excited about the upcoming edition. Baby Alison will be the first great-grandchild for our grandparents so we wanted to make it extra special as only my family can.

Carrie chose an ocean theme for Baby Alison's room (my family loves the beach), so we carried the theme over for the shower. We decorated all the tables with seashells and candles. And what else you need for a hot day at the beach? Ice cream! So, we had a sundae bar!

Of course, right after the shower started it began to pour down rain, and the wind made it cold outside. But inside - summertime!

My cousin Lauren and I captured all kinds of interesting photos of the event. I would love to see Carrie's reaction when she sees all the pictures that Lauren took with her camera. Lauren. An empty punch glass. Lauren. A seashell. Lauren.

Lauren chased Carrie around the room trying to secretly balance items on her belly throughout the duration of the shower. For some reason, Carrie did not seems to want to co-operate. I think it would have been an excellent idea for a blog. Maybe if I ever get pregnant...

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