The New Commute

Shortly after the move to Ruralopia, I was lucky enough to find a job with a much shorter commute than the one that I was making to the city. The new commute is 20 miles, which is a large improvement over 57. As wonderful is that is, especially with the terribly high gas costs, it comes at a different price.

I don't consider myself a speed racer, but I did inherit the family lead foot. Therefore, I heavily rely on the miracle car invention that keeps me at a respectible 5 miles over - cruise control.

People in Ruralopia do not know how to use the cruise control. Perhaps it did not come on their vehicle or they just have not discovered it yet. Whatever the case, the person that winds up in front of me - always - is the one who finds it impossible to maintain a constant speed. This forces me to have to hit the breaks to turn off the cruise control, and transforms my generally pleasant driving demeanor into an agressive, lane-changing city driver.

People in Ruralopia do not understand the idea of being late for work or anxious to get home. When the speed limit is 55, Ruralopians think that it is best to maintain a much more safe 45. I have not gone one day without passing someone yet.

In the last part of my drive returning home, I rarely meet anyone. This gives me time to recover from my road rage so that my generally pleasant demeanor returns as I walk in the door.

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