What I've Done - Part One

I read recently that it is a good spiritual exercise to try to write down 100 things you have done. This will help me reflect on past experiences and therefore make me a better person.

1. Fell in love
2. Got married
3. Graduated college
4. Adopted a dog who lives inside
5. Adopted another dog who lives inside
6. Built a home
7. Became pianist at my church
8. Crocheted an afghan (ok, my list is beginning to sound like I'm 89)
9. Took many hundreds of photos of flowers and buildings
10. Won an award for photographs
11. Was a Matron of Honor (twice, actually)
12. Held a newborn baby
13. Guided a baby sea turtle to the ocean at low tide (and yes, I touched it - I know you are not supposed to, but I could not resist)
14. Gave advice
15. Received advice
16. Visited NYC
17. Saw a Broadway play ("Wicked" & "Jersey Boys" were both AWESOME)
18. Touched the West Coast
19. Flew across the country
20. Saw a polar bear
21. Saw a snake in the woods
22. Hiked in the mountains
23. Spent the night outside
24. Learned to ride a bike
25. Organized a charity event
26. Watched all three Godfathers
27. Watched all the Star Wars
28. Played for a Guild
29. Wrote a play
30. Flipped a golf cart
31. Survived an attack of Yellow Jackets
32. Got an earring back stuck in my ear canal (that's a WHOLE other post)
33. Survived a tick bite
34. Rode a Lawn Mower
35. Wrote a book of poetry
36. Visited a nursing home
37. Spent an entire day just sitting out on a beach
38. Hailed a cab
39. Got "Senior" in my job title
40. Planted a tree
41. Sang in the shower (A LOT)
42. Danced with someone I love
43. Sang in front of people
44. Threw a shower
45. Came up with a secret recipe
46. Got a Jeep
47. Ate at a restaurant by myself
48. Prayed with someone
49. Chased a crab on the beach at night and picked it up (then released it)
50. Hugged someone hurting

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