Molly Gets a Bath (aka How to Torture a Shih Tzu)

Molly, my beautiful long-haired Shih Tzu, has received a bath (nearly) every week of her life for 7 years. After the bath, an hour long (at least) combing session ensues. She should be used to it. Right?

If you watch Dog Shows or see Shih Tzus being bathed on Animal Planet shows, you may believe that this is no big deal. Those dogs lovingly stand still as their groomer goes to work. In the real world - not so much.

When Molly whines, she sounds like an abandoned 11-month old human baby. Max barks because he hears Molly whining and wants to protect her. If you happened to pass by the window, you would seriously question our dog-parenting abilities.

Our new house has a utility sink that Molly fits perfectly into. This means no more bathing her in the shower with me. Molly - doesn't care - she still hates it.

So after her bath, the utility room looks like a tsunami touched down on our house.

The combing session tonight was especially difficult. It was impossible to keep her still. Now that we are done, there is dog hair all over me, I am soaking wet and Molly proceeds to slide around face first on the floor tangling the hair I just spent an hour combing out.

I really do love that dog, but if she keeps it up, she's going to be sleeping in that sink.

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