A Guide to My World

I have decided to make this blog semi-anonymous. Jakob Nielson says this is a bad idea. And I love Jakob Nielson. For those of you who aren't as much of a web design geek as I am, you may not have heard of Jakob Nielson. Therefore, maybe you won't care that I remain anonymous. Jakob Nielson is the pope of usability. If you have a website or blog or whatever other web outlet, and you CARE, you should read his stuff.

Jakob Nielson says that you should share your identity so that your readers can relate to you. But, I this is MY blog, so I am remaining anonymous. Why? Because I have enough drama in my life, and the last thing I need to do is add more. My intentions are the creative outlet thing, so I don't need to worry about offending someone or something with what I write. Kudos to the people that just put that true identity out there and don't worry about what they say. I am just not one of those people.

So, Internet, we need to come up with code names. It will be like a throwback to elementary school and the elaborate clubs kids come up with because they either A) All love someone; B) All hate someone; C) All fans of someone/something or D) All ban together for survival reasons.

Here's the decoder for my super-fabulous club:
  1. A = me. This is my top secret first letter of my first name.
  2. J = my wonderful husband. He's the last person I would want to offend if he were to come across this site. Besides, my quirks are plenty enough for him to deal with already.
  3. Molly = Molly, the world's greatest girl dog. She is a Shih Tzu, and she was born 10/06/2000. She is my first inside dog and I adore her.
  4. Max = Max, the world's greatest boy little dog. Also a Shih Tzu, Max was born 08/19/2004, full of energy, and also has me completely smitten.
  5. Cedar = Cedar, our puppy. He was a rescue from the local animal shelter. He is part German Shepherd and we are not sure what else. He was born in late May of 2008 by our estimates.
  6. Ruralopia = home town. This is the small anonymous rural town where I now live. More on that for another day, another time.
  7. Golfville = where I work. This is the small town centered on the golf industry where everyone lives in a country club and competes for the best grass.
  8. J Family - We live on sort of a "family estate" with most of the rest of J's family. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister. All but one of the brothers lives on the estate. I have 4 nieces (Cool A, Toaster aka Monkey T, Meltdown, Mysterious L) & 6 nephews (Sweet T, Little E, S the Boss, Super H, Farmer C, Baby G). This crew ranges in age from 1 (Baby G) to 18 (Cool A).

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SoulandSubstance said...

I agree that you should be semi-anonymous. Once personal information is on the web, it is there for life. You have no control over mentally imbalanced people in your future who might want to hurt you. I also think one can be more truthful if your name is not known to a bunch of strangers. There are many personal things I could say to a best friend, but would not say to strangers. I think you made the right decision.