Borrowing Etiquette

When someone does something that offends you, I find that a nice way to vent your frustrations is to write them a letter. It does not need to be sent, especially if you want to avoid causing a cold war. Just the writing of a letter helps. So, here is an example based on an incident that occurred while J & I were out of town yesterday.

Dear S,

When you borrow something from someone, such as their lawn mower trailer, it is a good idea to ask them first. Just because it happens to be in outside in their yard, it does not mean that it is free for the grabbing. If they are not at home, there is a neat little device called a cell phone that makes them completely above to keep in touch at all times. Using this device is especially important when you intend to keep this object for a few days.

Furthermore, when you go to borrow said object and there is plastic tarp on top of it, do not simply put the tarp on the ground and go about your merry way. Perhaps you missed the 5-month-old puppy watching you with a big grin on his face because he realizes that you have just provided him with amusement for the next two hours.

All the Best,


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