Nervous, Anxious, First Time Mother

Today, I scared myself. I have a little card that I received in the mail from my insurance. On the front of that card, I filled out my name, doctor, doctor's phone number and my due date.

On the back of the card the insurance company had put a list of the symptoms of early labor. And I had two of them last night. TWO.

Last night at the time, I thought that they were just symptoms of my violent coughing. Today, after reading the back of that card, I hyperventilated. Okay, I am exaggerating. I almost hyperventilated.

I called the nurse in a state of panic. The state of panic has almost become my default state when it comes to all things baby-related.

The nurse calmed me down. She said I had nothing to worry about, and confirmed my conclusion of last night that these things were normal for someone coughing a lot.

Crisis averted for now.

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G said...

Someone gave me the book, "What To Expect When You're Expecting" when I got pregnant, and it horrified me so I had to stop reading it! I also used to hate when people would tell me their "birth story" if it wasn't a good one!!!

Just go with your gut, and don't worry - the nurses are used to people like "us" calling with panicky questions!!!

Hope you feel better soon.