No Changing it Now

The problem with early voting is that something can come up that makes you completely regret who you voted for.

I voted last Friday afternoon. I did not have to wait in any lines, and I was in and out in minimal time.

For most of the races - like for the president - I feel completely solid with my decision. I thought that I felt that way about all of the candidates that I supported.

Yesterday, I saw a political ad online that one of the state candidates ran against their opponent. The ad slammed the opponent's personal beliefs, and at the end of the ad there was an obviously fake voice (supposedly the opponent's) saying something that would have a negative impact on the voters of the state.

Some of you will probably recognize the ad that I am speaking of, because the story made national news.

I am ashamed of the direction that our political system has taken. Why all the personal negative attacks? What happened to letting the public know what a candidate stood for instead of slamming opponents? And even though I personally find negativity distasteful - if a candidate chooses to be negative, can they not find enough ammunition? Was compiling a bad (and obviously false) audio clip really necessary?

Citizens deserve better. If I had seen this ad before I did my early voting, I would definitely have changed my vote.

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