Oh How I Want a Decent Night's Sleep

When my sleeping problems begin, I heard of this miraculous invention that would cure my nighttime discomfort. The Snoogle.

I have always slept on my belly. When that was no longer an option, I moved to my back. Now that is no longer an option, and I have to sleep on my side. I have discovered that is much easier said than actually done.

When I heard of this Snoogle, I toyed with the idea of purchasing one. At first, I thought "Nah, it is too expensive for right now. I will make do with extra pillows on the bed." About two weeks later, I was desperate enough to order it anyway.

I ordered my pillow on a gloomy day at the beginning of this month. It was set to be delivered on the 14th at the latest.

The 14th came and went. No pillow. No miraculous sleep cure.

I wrote to the online store from which I ordered the pillow. The response I got was dismissive - "Let us know if you have not received your order by the 20th.

But you do not seem to understand, Mr. Automated Response. I am NOT SLEEPING

So now the 20th has come. First thing this morning, I wrote again. This time I wrote a lengthy novella proclaiming my disgust and disdain and the step-by-step method in which they could appease my dissatisfaction by sending me another pillow. IMMEDIATELY. The response I receive?

"I am sorry, but I must assume your package has been lost in the mail. Unfortunately, I am unable to send you a second item, because the item is now out of stock. I will refund your purchase promptly. Please choose XYZ CO again for your next ABC purchase."

Um, I do not think so. You, company XYZ are very lucky that I am too lazy to fly up to your company headquarters and yell at someone important there for a lengthy amount of time.

I could not even respond to that email. I was way too angry. Instead, I found the Snoogle miracle cure sold in a different online store. As a bonus, it was a little cheaper there. Now I find my self - again - waiting on my miraculous sleep cure.

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