Cedar Goes for a Swim

Today we decided to try out Cedar's new-found ability to walk on the leash without dragging. We have a long, long, long gravel driveway with several hills and it is pretty good exercise.

We walked down the driveway at a pretty slow pace (Hey! I am lazy pregnant!) Cedar was doing pretty well, although easily distracted. We arrived at the creek.

"I wonder if Cedar will walk down to the water and stick his paws in?" J asked.

Answer? No. But he will try with all of his might to prevent himself from being pulled down there on the leash.

"I'm just going to throw him in." J said grinning. I laughed.

Then he picked Cedar up and threw him in the creek. He ACTUALLY did it.

I screamed. I could not fathom that J actually did it. I thought he was KIDDING. The look of confusion on Cedar's face was more than I could handle. Especially as he went UNDER.

So, Cedar can swim, as J verified. He paddled to the edge of the water and came running back up to where I was standing with concern. He's such a sweet dog. He was much more concerned about my screaming than he was about his swimming experience.

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