Cedar's Bad Day

Today was the day that every male puppy dreads. Okay, well, the owners of said male puppy. The visit to the clinic for being neutered.

J helped me get Cedar in the car, and I dropped him off on my way to work. That actually sounds way easier than it was. Cedar refused to budge and I had to carry him - all of him (he is bigger than an armful) into the clinic and put him in the temporary holding place.

My brother-in-law, our fabulous Vet, called a couple of hours later. Someone brought in a contagious dog, so I needed to pick up Cedar ASAP instead of waiting until the end of my workday.

When I walked into the clinic up the counter, I heard a cat whining. I could not see it, but I felt really sorry for that cat. Then the Vet brought out the whining animal and put him in my car. It was no cat. It was my poor, barely awake Cedar.

He proceeded to whine all the way home, as the anesthesia wore off.

A few hours later, he was feeling better - especially after seeing Molly & Max.

P.S. We have water now. (Hallelujah!) It turns out our exterminator put too much pressure above one of our water pipes the last time he "reset" the bait station that sits on top of the pipe. So, we had a leak. The french drain below the house works so well, that we had no idea there was a leak. Anyway, I did a dance in the kitchen when I turned the sink on after the well people left.

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Karen said...

Many thanks for visiting my blog,on my SITS Day, on Thursday. :-)

Poor Cedar, but it is all for the best and I'm glad he's feeling better.

Poor Sparky, when we had him done, just sat there for the rest of the day giving me reproachful looks. I felt a little guilty..