Trunks, Treats & Elvis

Tonight, my sister-in-law hosted an annual "Trunk Or Treat" Party next door. Just in case you have never been to one of those, you decorate your trunk for Halloween and all the kids come around and get candy. It is like old-fashioned trick or treating with less walking.

In addition to all the trunks, each of the "sets" of our family were required to decorate a scene along my driveway for a G-Rated spook trail.

Before the party I painted Monkey T's face to complete her transformation into Zombie Hockey Player. She & Meltdown (a Princess) were very excited about all the CANDY.

As unofficial event photographer, I spent most of the time taking pictures of trunks and kids, while J got the job of handing out the candy. Ha! Part of my master plan!

My job came to an abrupt end when I came upon Meltdown faced with an adult Lion. The Lion took her mask off, but Meltdown was unconvinced of this strange, dangerous creature. Besides, right behind the Lion was a full grown Bird and some other adult animal that terrified her. She was so horrified that she forgot all about CANDY and required me to carry her through the rest of the trunks.

So, what's with the Elvis dog? Well, the Elvis mask was sort of a roving costume for people who did not come dressed up. So naturally when Simon the greyhound wandered over, someone put the mask on him.

All things considered, the night was a complete success. All the kids went home with a car full of sugary goodness and I collapsed of exhaustion.

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