The Bestest Husband Ever

My husband is a genius. I owe him big time.

Today is the only day I had to work this week. I requested the rest of the week off. Today was horrible. The project that I am managing is running late due to circumstances beyond my control, and my stress level keeps going higher and higher every day.

Today I told the developer that I would help him out by adding a link to a page on our application. A link. Just one. One page. Nothing is ever as easy as it should be. To make a long, personally painfully story short, it turned out to be much more than just adding a link. Our network kept going down and I could not test my work. Then the link turned out to be buried in a mound of spaghetti code. Blah.

So, I resolved myself that I would have to work tomorrow. Over a stupid link.

In steps my genius husband. He took one look and found the little, tiny extra character in the mound of spaghetti that was causing it to skip my stupid link. Now, I do not have to work tomorrow. Hallelujah! Hear those trumpets sounding and angels singing? I do!

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