Registry Shopping

Today we went shopping for our baby registry. I decided to invite my parents & J's mom to go along with us. I felt sure that they would be thrilled to participate in this momentous task.


J's Mom wanted to go, but had other plans. Okay. It's her 11th grandchild, so she's already experienced this many times.

My parents wanted to go. Then they were busy. Then they wanted to go. Then, maybe they should not because it would be such a drive. (Sigh. The store is 30 minutes away from them, 2 hours away from us.) Then they wanted to go. And all of that was within an hour before we left this morning.

By the time we headed to Babies R' Us, my parents made the final decision to go and J decided to sulk about all the back and forth.

After 8 years, I thought he had realized that this is just the way they are.

When we got to the store, we were all already worn out. But, tough. I insisted that we cover every last inch of the store and pick out every last item on the checklist. Finally, J & my parents decided to spend some time checking out the rocking chair selection. Big helpers. At least they agreed on something.

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