Fun with Mulch

Today J & I worked on our landscaping. Okay, J worked on the landscaping and I watched. Hey! I cannot do lifting and I tire easily. Yes, that's right. I am pregnant and taking advantage of it when ever I can. I did rake some of the mulch around.

Cedar, the whole reason we had to undertake this monumental task, watched patiently the entire time. He rotated between laying beside my chair to following one or both of us around the yard. What a well-behaved dog, right? Well, once he did snatch my glove, but he willingly gave it back after I scolded him.

Spreading our dump trailer full of mulch took the entire day. As evening set in, we finally finished. We wearily put away all the tools and sauntered in the house. Then both of us glued ourselves to the window.

After Cedar realized that we were gone, he got up from his bed and cautiously looked around. He went over to the mulch and sniffed it. Then he proceeded to look around again.

So far, so good.

Ever so carefully, he prodded a rather large piece with his nose. After looking around again, he grabbed it and ran back to his bed.

Well, I guess it is better than digging. That dog will chew on anything.

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