Party at My House

Tonight, my sister-in-law & I threw a "Ladies Night Out" with a group of ladies from our church.

I have been a little nervous about this, because I do not really know this group very well, and none of them have ever been to my house. I spent most of the day cleaning frantically until my house was completely SPOTLESS.

The group began to arrive, starting with my mother-in-law and another sister-in-law, Mel. I felt immediate relief. My family had told me that they may be late, so I was afraid I would be stuck entertaining people that I do not know without their comforting presence. I began to relax.

We chowed down on Christmas goodies and made crafts. Crafts! My sister-in-law-fellow-host found directions for these cute Martha Stewart button ornaments. She has been making them for a while, and taught the group.

Mel & I set in the back cracking up. Neither of us catch on quickly to this kind of thing. We made the reindeer (see the green tissue paper in the picture) and the snowman (blue tissue paper). Mel's reindeer was super-super long because she kept picking out buttons. My reindeer's butt was red. I wanted to use the pretty red button, and I did not realize until I had already tied it in what I was actually making. We all got a big kick out of Rudolph the Red Butt Reindeer.

Now he proudly sits hidden on the side of our tree.


Jenni said...

i love these ! what a fun project.

bohamiksu said...

Wow..., It's great :)

thebeaddreamer said...

These are just adorable and your party sounds like it was fun. I too worry about the house being spotless and everything being just right - I'm trying to relax about things since I think friends and family really just want the fellowship.