A New Game

Cedar has invented a new game. The game is called "Jump Over Molly & Max". He takes off running from one end of the yard straight towards Molly. Right before he railroads into her, he jumps up and over her. Sometimes he jumps from Molly's left side to Molly's right side. More frequently (and more amusing) he jumps from Molly's head to Molly's tail. She's pretty good at this game. She just looks at Cedar like he is crazy.

Then it is Max's turn. He takes off as fast as he can, headed straight for Max. Max freezes in terror as Cedar makes the jump. Max's frozen state just encourages Cedar to repeat the jumping - over and over and over.


EmmaP said...

wow! i am amazed that they stay still for this. otherwise, imagine the collision! whew! thanks for stopping by from SITS today!

Jennifer said...

That's hilarious! I always get a kick of watching my dogs and the werd games they come up with!

Congrats on your pregnancy and thanks for stopping by my blog!!