Shopping Days

My sister-in-law & I went to do our last minute Thanksgiving shopping. We drove to an actual town, one with actual stores. Stores that are not named Wal-Mart.

The extended family is coming down this week, and on Friday we have a pre-Christmas gift-giving celebration. While this is wonderful fun for all the kids, it becomes pretty torturous on the adults.

I love to shop. I am good at it, too! But sometime during November, when all the stores begin to boast of their incredible Christmas bargains, you can count me OUT. I would rather hide at home under my bed than fight the crowds of holiday shoppers.

Now you might say "Why didn't you do your shopping much earlier when you could have done it online and avoid the stores?"

That would have been great, right? Pity I did not think of it before. I knew Thanksgiving was coming fast, but I did not realize it was coming quite so fast.

Anyway, I was determined to make this trip count. I finished all the Thanksgiving shopping, and all niece & nephew Christmas gifts in the first store. That's right, baby. The first store.

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