The First Baby Shower & Our Pre-Christmas

Tonight we had our first baby shower at the fish place at a neighboring town. You read that right - the fish place. Every Friday night after Thanksgiving, the family goes to eat at the same place. We reserve a room a year in advance. This place was a favorite of my father-in-law's (who is now deceased) and his siblings. So, every year, we go there and then back home for our Pre-Christmas celebration.

For anyone who is expecting or just adopted a baby or other celebratory occasions, this meal is preceded by a shower.

J insisted I do all the unwrapping, although he did sit beside me. Our baby got a lot of lovely items, and the vast majority are pink. By around the fifth pink item, J's eyes began to cross. I got a really cute picture of this, but he would kill me if he ever ran across it. So, you will just have trust me. It is hilarious.

After our shower, we headed to my brother-in-law's for the Pre-Christmas celebration. We gather in a large circle, divide up the reading of the Christmas story and sing carols.

Next comes the gift-giving, gift-unwrapping free-for-all for the kids. We have tried to do this in an organized fashion, but that never works. We always end up with mass chaos.

The adults do a version of musical gifts. Much less chaos.

This year, the events proceeded as usual. After the adult gifts, something odd happened. There was Christmas music playing in the background during all the gift giving. Suddenly, the music got louder, and people began to dance.


J's family.

Including J.

(I guess I could mention that J avoids dancing at all costs, so that was a BIG deal!)

We danced!

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