Strange People Walking in the Dark

With the latest time change, it is completely dark by the time I leave work and head for home. The drive to my house has become a bit intimidating since I live way out in the woods and far, far away from any street lights or other signs of civilization.

Tonight, I found myself singing along with the radio as I turned on to our private road. I have trained myself to look for eyes in the woods as I drive along so that I do not have a nasty car-side encounter with a deer or other poor animal. No shiny spots appeared anywhere, so I began to relax.

Then, a man appeared on the other side of the road in full camouflage. He had a large weapon, which to my non-expert opinion looked like a rifle. His face was covered, and he wore an orange hat.

I have no idea who he was. I hit the gas and sped away, heart pounding.

As I frantically dialed J's number, I realized that he was probably just a hunter. But, he could have been a masked murderer or someone more sinister than a simple hunter - like a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman.

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