A Baby Named Cedar?

When you have tried to have a baby for 7 years, there are some things that you have planned out a long time in advance. Prime example - names.

I am one of these people that is obsessed with likes order. I like to have everything planned out in advance.

So, when we first started talking about having children, we discussed what we would name them. We did some name brainstorming, and surprisingly enough, we were mostly on the same page. We had it all figured out.

Now that it's happening? We are back to square one. Well, almost.

For a girl, we want to name her Grace Maeree. Grace because, well, we like it. "Amazing Grace" is my favorite hymn. "Dial M for Murder", one of my all-time favorite movies stars Grace Kelly. You get the picture.

Maeree (pronounced like "Marie") is a family name. It's a combination of two of my great-grandmother's names. It's my middle name, and my mother's also. I thought it was terrible until about college, but hey - I eventually learned how to appreciate it. And so will my daughter.

For a boy? We have no idea. We have completely changed our minds. We thought we might have a "J the II". I truly did not see another option from the same name deal - it is a family rule. I refuse to have a kid called "Junior". (No offense to anyone who does have a kid named Junior, it's just not my thing.) I was going to insist on "the Second", even though my mother-in-law thinks that is ridiculous. Now, fortunately, J has decided that our baby should have their own name. So, Jr/II disaster averted. Whew.

But, now we are back to the beginning for boy's names. We cannot really use J. There are already 4 variations of that same name in J's family. That makes it tough to come up with a new one.

I like Lucas/Luke. J does not. He thinks "General Hospital", and my "But, it's a Bible name" argument has not produced the results I hoped it would.

We both like Noah and Nathan, but I like Noah better and he likes Nathan better. My sister-in-law's third son was almost named Nathan, but she found out we liked it and sweetly changed hers. Now I will feel bad if we do not use it, even though I like Noah better.

So, for now, our "official" stance is completely undecided.

Because of this, the Vet insists we use his name selection. If Monkey T or Meltdown had been boys, their name would be Cedar James. He thinks that since he did not get the chance to use it, that we should. Cedar? Definitely unique. If I liked cedar trees a little more, I might even approve of it. Maybe one day he could even have his own little Cedar James the Second.

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G said...

Just a word of advice - make sure you LOVE the name, 'cause when they are 3, 4, 9, years old and you are CONSTANTLY saying their name ("Pal, stop doing that" "Pal, get down from there" "Pal, say thank you"....etc.etc.etc... - you'd better love it!!!!

I like names that can't be rhymed with or shortened to something you won't like. Kids are kids and names play a big role in their life! Whenever we hear a "ridiculous" name (like APPLE Paltrow!) my brother-in-law says "Why didn't they just name him "Beat me up and steal my lunch!!!!"" LOL!!!

Good luck! (I like Nathan, by the way!)