Meet Cedar

Meet Cedar, the newest member of our family. We decided to get an outside dog since J will be out of town regularly. We wanted to do a rescue from our local animal shelter. We had thought we should get a girl that was several years old. That way, we would not have to worry so much about the competition in aggressiveness with the bazillion other dogs around here, and we would get a dog that had calmed and cooled from the states of puppyhood.

We saw the face of this almost 5-month-old boy, and fell in love.

Cedar jumped on the gate of his kennel when he saw us. He wagged his tail and acted very friendly. When the gate actually opened, though, he just trembled!

He was scared of Max and Molly, and when we brought him home he refused to run around and explore. Instead, he was content to take a nap with his head in my lap.

He is super sweet, which I want to be sure to establish this in my post so that when he is gnawing on my fingers, getting into my plants and scratching holes in my clothes later on I can look back and remember why I fell for this dog.

Now, a few hours after his homecoming, he is still reluctant to leave the porch, but he has fallen in love with Molly and scared Max into running and diving head-first into our laps.

P.S. - My dad came up and spent the day with us, so he got to be a part of bringing home our new addition. That just made the day even more special!

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gingela5 said...

Oh he's such a cutie! I'm a sucker for dogs and it looks like you are too!