Life with Three Dogs

Cedar's personality blossoms with every day. He quickly memorized our routine, and so far he is still as sweet as any dog I have ever been around.

He gets terribly excited when we come out the door. Especially if we have Molly & Max with us. He has been jumping a lot, which we are trying to teach him NOT to do, but he finds restraining himself extremely difficult when the door opens.

When I walk by the door and sneak a peak at him out the window, he is sitting (or lying) there patiently watching the door intently. I am sure that he stays right there all day, except to take the occasional bathroom break.

I am really thrilled with the progress he and Molly are making. He has learned when she growls, that means to back off instead of jumping in her face. He is bigger than both Molly & Max, so it's kind of sweet for him to let Molly boss him around.

Max, on the other hand, still has not figured out why we brought this dog home to live on our porch/yard. He does not understand why Cedar blocks his path from the door to the yard, and he certainly does not appreciate it. I want him to let Cedar know when to back off - like Molly does - but Max refuses to stand up for himself. He either cowers or retreats to under our legs. This situation will have to be resolved, because it is preventing us from being able to effectively take the dogs out to do their business. We have to practically drag him outside as soon as he remembers that Cedar is there.

We have developed a new nightly ritual. After dusk, we all - J, dogs & I - sit on the steps of the front porch and enjoy the night and each other's company. Okay, so Molly & Cedar sit beside us and Max tries to hide under our legs. But, we will get there - I am sure of it.

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