J and the New Job

J started a consulting job back in July that is just not everything it was supposed to be. He left a management position in one of the nearest cities to us and came down to a smaller town and a smaller company.

Sure, the commute was much, much better. And, since it is not too far from where I am we can have lunch together! But, one of the disadvantages of being at this small company in this small town is that the people J works with have no idea what kind of sacrifices (i.e. pay) that he made to come work with them.

So, we had a talk.

Sometimes it is really easy for a spouse or someone close to you to see things that you do not see. Or, maybe even that you just do not want to face or acknowledge.

J & I have the kind of relationship that we can point these things out to each other. I knew he was not happy, and I want him to be happy.

J really did not have any trouble at all finding a new job. This job will be with a company that we both used to work for. 2 hours away from home. But, he will be allowed to telework. He will only have to go into the office about two days every other week. While he is there, the company will pay for him to be in a hotel.

Part of me dreads this new job. I remember all to well some of the struggles (mostly people) that we both dealt with at this company. And, most of all, I will miss him while he is away from home, especially with a baby on the way.

Even so, this could be a great opportunity for him. I just hope he will be happier at the new job than he has been the last couple of months.

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