Dog Sitting

My Dad came and stayed at our house to dog-sit while we were gone this weekend. The dogs love my Dad. He spoils them a lot, and they love to climb all over him. It's really cute to see.

When Max sees anyone coming, he barks. So when my Dad got to our house Friday, Max let me know. SOMEONE IS RINGING OUR DOORBELL. THE NERVE. Then I open the door to Daddy, and Max is all, Oh, it's you. You'll give me treats and let me lay on the bed.

Both my dogs are great manipulators like that.

Molly makes you think that we don't feed her. She is so desperate to be given treats by people that come over that she will sit at their feet and whine. Then, after you have given in to that adorable face, she will pretty much bite your arm off to get the treat.

So, when J & I got home, the dogs were excited to see us for 5 minutes, then back to my Dad.

We all hung out for a while, and then they were so sad when he left to go back home.

Looks like we are going to have to hire Daddy to come be our dog-nanny full time.

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